great resignation
great resignation

The great resignation had put major stress on the workforce last year, diminishing the company’s work culture. Employees’ careers went for a toss due to the Covid-19 pandemic as they were left with uncertainties, trying to find a better job. However, the scenario seems to be reversing after one year as many employees are heading back towards their former jobs post-pandemic.

Recruiters are calling this phenomenon ‘infant mortality’ wherein new joiners leave their jobs in the first three months of joining, as they realize that they are not in the right place. This reverse migration is mainly visible in client-facing roles in the sectors such as the technology and consumer industries.

According to a McKinsey study, employees are most likely to leave as they feel undervalued by the organization (54 percent) or managers (52 percent), or because they didn’t have a sense of belonging at work (51 percent).

“The importance of familiarity is often unrecognized. When there are loan repayments onboarding during covid, no connectivity with colleagues, then one seeks out the known faces,” said Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder of staffing firm TeamLease Services. She added that this trend is being witnessed in the junior to middle management segments where employees dial their former offices and return at the same salaries or with a marginal increase.

The great resignation started last year when the lockdown halted the entire economy. Mass layoffs left employees with no choice but to migrate to another job. As a consequence, employees started looking for more flexible job opportunities.

According to a survey, nearly one-third of employees who resigned from their jobs during the pandemic received approximately a 30 percent salary hike in new positions. However, 62 percent said that the compensation was not enough as it won’t keep pace with the rising inflation.

The rapid resignation and immediate hiring also brought onboarding challenges wherein employees felt lost despite having 60-100 percent wage hikes. The tech and e-commerce sectors witnessed major setbacks as employees felt difficulty in connecting with the new firm.

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