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Establishing a successful enterprise is not just limited to having big ideas or starting new ventures every other day. It requires the right approach, determination and an unprecedented zeal to excel. There can be no substitute to the enormous toil required in the making of a successful venture. When Rajesh Mehta, the founder Chairman of Rajesh Exports Limited set out on his journey, he knew about the expansive hard work required.

Incorporated in 1989, Rajesh Mehta-led Rajesh Exports Limited has set benchmarks of excellence in global jewellery market. It is the only company in the world that is involved in the complete quality chain of gold from refining, manufacturing, wholesale, export and retail of gold items. The company processes 35% of gold produced in the world, which makes it the largest processor of gold in the world.

Rajesh Exports Limited also has one of the world’s largest active jewellery design database of 29,000 designs. It owes its success to Rajesh Mehta, the man who sailed through its highs and lows to emerge as the global leader in gold business. The company has developed a number of innovative technologies and processes for manufacturing jewellery.

Various prestigious awards and accolades bestowed upon the company orchestrate its overall excellence and proficiency. Swarna Ratna Award, Jain Bhushan Award, Star Exporter Award, State Export Excellence Award, Best Manufacturer Exporter, Jeweller of the Year, Outstanding Export Performance of Studded Gold Jewellery, Overall Excellence in Plain Gold Jewellery, to name a few.

Rajesh Mehta always had the passion, but it was his fortitude that enabled a middle-class boy with lofty dreams to emerge as one of the most powerful figures in the gold and jewellery industry. Every bit of success has been earned by bracing the tough grind. His unconventional choices distinguish him from others.

The journey of Rajesh Mehta from an aspiring entrepreneur to a leading tycoon is truly laudable. It is his unrelenting dedication and allegiance that have placed him on the pedestal of India’s 57th richest man with a net worth of $1.1 billion.


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