How will it fare for India if Biden emerges victorious

Will Biden emerge as the victor or will it be Trump – is something the entire world has been mulling over these past few weeks. This year, the tension has been all the more accentuated because of the pandemic that has necessitated various means of voting, thus delaying the final result announcement further.

Joe Biden as president will be good for India?

On strategic side of things, for India, its relation with the US has only strengthened more than ever under Trump’s presidency. However, should Biden become the next US president, how will it fare for the country?  While election results so far lean towards Biden’s victory, his longstanding support of the Chinese Communist Party definitely sparks some agitation. His hands in China’s World Trade Organisation Membership is nothing unheard of, which led the country to gain global geopolitical power. Moreover, during an interview with FOX News, Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of Hunter Biden, explained how Joe Biden would personally benefit from a stake in a Chinese business deal. While this may seem irrelevant to his current presidential election, it undoubtedly testifies his close ties with China.

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For India, especially amid the on-going Indo-China border dispute, it remains questionable whether Biden’s victory would fare well or not, considering his constant failure in countering Chinese aggressions during his vice-presidency. On the other hand, as far as national security is concerned, Trump, his republican counterpart, has always backed India during cross-border terror attacks.

Today, with China all set to begin the construction work of Ya’an-Linzhi section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, it has once against sparked border security tensions for India since the railway runs close to Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh. Thus, at a time when China is making successive attempts to invade border areas of our country, what we also need is solidarity and support from global superpowers like the US.

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Even though, Biden has vowed that if elected, he would take a hard line on China in every sense of the term, but whether or not he will keep the word once he emerges victorious remains arguable. After all, from calling China ‘a partner’ during his vice-presidency to vowing to ‘get tough’ on the country, the shift in his sentiment is unusually dramatic.


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